Injection molder Bianor plans a new facility; already thinking of further investment

Bianor will invest more than PLN 16 million (about $5.15 million) in a new plastics processing facility in the Special Economic Zone in Bialystok, Poland. The factory will become operational in mid-2012 and employ about 100. The company already employs about 320, with its customer base including Bosch-Siemens Appliances, Philips and Newell Rubbermaid.

Other key customers include power tool manufacturer Makita and consumer packaging products' suppliers MeadWestvaco and AGI Amaray. Bianor and its management made our 2010 list of Notable Processors in Modern Plastics magazine; read that account of the company here.     

Bianor says it has been able to diversify its customer base during 2010 and expects further growth of its business in the years to come. As a result of the projected growth the plastics processor will upgrade and expand its production capabilities by building a new facility. As in other countries, companies that locate in Poland's Special Economic Zone receive certain tax benefits.

 "To ensure a continued development of Bianor we need to expand and upgrade our existing factory. In our view it was better to develop a new factory instead which meets the highest quality and environmental standards and provides flexibility to expand further. The new plant is not merely a production facility but will also contain a product development center. This investment will help us to improve our performance in serving our current clients and simultaneously help us to win new customers," explained Hans de Haas, CEO of Bianor. The Polish processor is owned by a Dutch investment firm.   

Bianor was previously linked with investment plans in Belarus, and company officials say the planned expansion in the Bialystok SEZ  will not interfere with its ambitions to further develop and expand eastwards into Belarus and the Russian Federation. "The new factory in Poland is a logical step in developing Bianor; it reconfirms our confidence in Bialystok as our competence center and a competitive production base from where we serve our clients in Europe. Strategically we are looking into opportunities to penetrate the markets east of the EC (European Community). In this context we are studying new investment opportunities preferably as close as possible to our competence center in Bialystok," added Haas.

In related news, Bianor announced it has won new business from Makita to supply its facility in Romania. Bianor has molded casings and housings for Makita since 2006. Five new injection molds are being made to handle the new business, which covers more than a dozen plastic components.



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