Interchangeable sprue gripper jaws ensure handling flexibility

A new application need not necessitate exchanging grippers for handling of different sprues when using a system from Fipa (Cary, NC) that requires only that the gripper jaws be swapped. The model GR04.103 and GR04.130C sprue grippers can be reconfigured quickly meaning a substantial amount of time can be saved during changeover.

gripperFour jaw designs are available, with "Set 1" comprising customizable jaws: Here, the customer mills his own shape of gripper jaw adapted to a particular application. This version is recommended for application-specific material handling and gripper tasks. "Set 2" (V-shaped notch jaws) and "Set 3" (Prisma/V-shaped notch jaws) grip soft gates or multi-component systems firmly and securely. "Set 4" ('gummed' jaws), meanwhile, is for sensitive and hot materials -rubberized gripper jaws with an elastomeric coating are particularly suitable for delicate gripping of warm to hot plastic parts as well as gentle gripping of films or paper. On account of the HNBR coating, the gripper jaws can withstand heat up to 284°F. [email protected]



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