IPF show: In-line sputtering process boosts plating efficiency

Vacuum coating of plastic substrates using conventional batch process machinery requires a significant investment on the part of the processor as well as high labor requirements for manual loading/unloading of parts. By moving this process in-line and machine-side, The Japan Steel Works (JSW, Tokyo) reckons it has a lower cost and more flexible solution.


Machine-side in-line sputtering brings productivity enhancements.

At IPF, the vacuum coating unit from Watanabe Co. (Yokohama, Japan) sat alongside a J55-AD-60H all-electric JSW injection press molding toy blocks from  polycarbonate (PC) resin in a four-cavity mold with a 20-second cycle time. These blocks were transferred robotically to the vacuum coater three shots at a time for the 60-second vacuum process with stainless steel and polymer coating process.

Special jigs are also used in the vacuum coater to enhance flexibility and cater to complex part shapes.-[email protected]




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