K 2013: Makrolon lends clarity, strength to pump device

August 21, 2013

Patients can administer their own medicines with high dosing accuracy via a small mechanical injection pump that fits comfortably into your breast pocket. The prototype device, which will be displayed by Bayer at K (Hall 6, Stand A75), applies Makrolon Rx polycarbonate (PC) for all housing components. Makrolon’s transparency allows patients to immediately check the filling level of the medicine. Bayer Makrolon K 2013

Beyond transparency, Bayer said Makrolon allows the pump to withstand wear and tear in everyday use, due to its high impact strength and durability. The material can also be sterilized through high-energy radiation and is resistant to a broad spectrum of pharmaceuticals.

Bayer will also highlight an insulin pen made of the Bayblend M850XF PC blend at K 2013. This small device has the size and appearance of a ball-point pen, which can administer the desired dose of the medicine. Bayer notes that the alloy is particularly well suited for injection molding of thin-walled components.

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