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January 11, 2010

RedE Innovations just launched its new innovative mold data management and storage solution: RedE Vault. The RedE Vault solution allows mold owners to securely store and manage mold data, manuals, repair logs, drawings and schedules direct on the mold and allows 24/7 secure access to the mold data worldwide.

The RedE Vault data storage solution was develop by Jim Stuart, former owner of PCS Company, and Klaus Wieder, inventor of the Slide-Lock and Tri-Lock. The two men merge over 65 years of extensive experience in mold design, mold making, manufacturing and ownership to solve the ongoing challenge of document retention associated with the injection molding and stamping die industries.

The RedE Vault system allows a mold owner to securely store important process parameters, mold repair logs, and drawings while enforcing business practices, increasing mold technical accountability and assisting in quality control and ISO compliance directly on the mold. Using RedE Innovations’ data services and software, mold owners are able to manage mold data and provide a thorough status overview of multiple molds through the secure website.

“Employing the RedE Vault mold management data solution gives you peace of mind, knowing your data is backed up safe and secure with confidential data access granted to specific users,” said Stuart.

With 8GB of memory and the ability to optionally encrypt your files using the ASE-256 encryption algorithm, the RedE Vault makes data easily accessible and never compromised, said RedE Innovations. Clare Goldsberry

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