KraussMaffei completes expansion of automation capacity

KraussMaffei's new assembly hall for automation products is working at full capacity just a little more than one month after production there began on Nov. 1. The new assembly hall at KM's Schwaig, Germany plant was commissioned on Dec. 8 during an official ceremony; ground was broken on the expansion on April 12. The new production area, has nearly tripled the company's assembly area for robots, boosting it from 670 to 1720 sq m.

KraussMaffek Schwaig expansion ribbon cutting
KraussMaffek Schwaig expansion
KraussMaffei officials cut the ribbon on the company's expanded automation assembly facility in Schwaig, pictured at bottom during construction.

The additional space has allowed KM to more than double its capacity for automation devices over six months. The space has been tasked in part with the creation of production cells, pairing robots and injection molding machines, to support what the company calls "continually rising demand for customized automation solutions."

KraussMaffei notes that since its founding by Josef Neureder in 1982, it has planned, designed, and built automation for injection molding based on linear and industrial robots. Assembly on those systems has been performed in Schwaig since 1986. That facility was expanded for the first time in 1999 while a secondary plant was opened in Schwerin in 2001. In 2004 additional assembly areas came on stream at the Munich plant.

Earlier this month, KM announced that it would expand its production plants in Martin (Slovakia) and in Haiyan (China). Doubling production capacities at both locations, with expanded production planned for the beginning of 2013.

In November, injection molding machine and automation supplier Engel announced that it was also expanding its automation assembly capacity, adding 1000 sq m to its site in Hagen, Germany.


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