KraussMaffei, Dieffenbacher join forces on RTM systems

The Reaction Process Machinery division of KraussMaffei, the world's largest manufacturer of plastics processing machinery, is teaming with one of the top names in compression molding machinery, Dieffenbacher, to develop improved systems for high-pressure resin transfer molding. The two say the alliance addresses a rapidly expanding market as more carbon fiber reinforcement is used in the automotive industry.

Dieffenbacher and KraussMaffei cooperate on RTM systems
(l. to r.): Günter Kuhn, MD and CTO of the Dieffenbacher Group, shakes on the deal with Frank Peters, chief of the Reaction Process Machinery division at KraussMaffei.

The goal of the alliance is to be able to offer customers a single source for turnkey processing lines. Each of the companies brings its own expertise to the alliance. For example, Dieffenbacher (Eppingen) makes the hydraulic vertical presses used, and works as a systems supplier for handling systems, cutting, preforming, and pressing equipment. KraussMaffei (Munich, both Germany) markets the required resin metering systems and mixing heads for epoxy and polyurethane, and is a system supplier for post-mold processing, milling, routing, cutting, and tooling equipment. Both companies already are active globally.

High pressure RTM is set to play a key role in producing carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFP) parts for the automotive industry. There have been a number of recent CFP initiatives, including BMW's plans to co-run a carbon fiber manufacturing plant to ensure its own supply of the materials, as it is anticipated that CFR parts will play a major role in components for electric and hybrid cars. [email protected]





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