Long-time plastics industry veteran announces retirement

John Blundy, a long-time plastics industry veteran, has announced his retirement scheduled for Feb. 1, 2015. He began his career in 1975 in the parts department for Husky after the company established the facility in Buffalo, NY, Bundy's hometown.

Blundy considers his beginning in sales "accidental." "I didn't see myself in sales at the time but had suggested a molding machine rebuild idea to a customer that involved a new machine sale while at the parts center," he said. This was recognized by Robert Schad, the then-president of Husky, who then offered him an opportunity as an area sales manager and moved him to Canada.

"Husky's 'University' exposed me to molding machinery, molds hot runners, and automation equipment all in one company," he said. "I had no previous background in plastics like so many others in this industry at the time. Husky provided me that education."

Blundy worked at Husky for nine years, before coming back to the United States as the national sales manager for Mannesmann Demag when Demag injection molding machines made its debut in North America. He stayed with Demag for 11 years and through the acquisition of Van Dorn. He was recruited by Krupp Corpoplast as VP of sales & marketing for his experience in PET bottle manufacturing, but left the company in less than 2 years as the relationship was not a good fit.

After his brief stint with Krupp, he joined hot runner manufacturer INCOE Corp. where he served as VP of business development for 16 years. Among his accomplishments at INCOE was the exclusive contract for INCOE to incorporate MeltFlipper technology in hot runner systems. After leaving INCOE, Blundy went to work for Beaumont Technologies with the agreement his retirement was only a couple of years away.

Blundy was very active in the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) for a long time, serving as chairman of the Equipment Council, and on the NPE Marketing Committee. He also was nominated a Pioneer of the Structural Plastics Division, and also served on the Public Policy Committee.

Blundy is an inventor receiving two patents for developments in hot runner manifold technology and as co-inventor for gas assist components in combination with hot runner systems.

He has been a speaker at numerous SPI and SPE technical conferences, and published a number of articles for plastics industry trade publications. He was inducted into the Plastics Pioneers Association two years ago.

Blundy adds that he intends to "stay somewhat active" in the industry in a part-time capacity.

He is planning to attend NPE to say farewell to friends and business colleagues who he's become close to during his 40-year career in plastics.

Friends and colleagues may contact John at [email protected]

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