Low-cost blowmolding unit set to accelerate all-electric adoption

February 25, 2011

Magic MP (Monza, Italy) is debuting the first of a new series of all-electric continuous extrusion blowmolding machines at the Cosmosprof show in Bologna March 18-21. Priced on a par with the company's hybrid models, the OEM believes the new series will accelerate the shift to all-electrics.

The machine in question is a ME-UE-L1/D, signifying a double-sided, one-liter model, and it will be shown producing a clear, thick-walled PETG cosmetic flask. The ME-UE is the third generation of Magic's fully-electric machines, succeeding Magic's EP and ME machine lines.

The new series was introduced to bring all-electric blowmolding machine technology to those customers that have until now been reluctant to consider all-electric machines because of the premium price associated with obtaining this emerging technology. By working with their various component suppliers and though new design innovations, Magic has been able to cut the selling prices of these machines significantly, to the level of their hybrid models.

Magic offers fully-electric machines for up to 50L containers and 50 tons of clamping force in single-sided construction and up to 30L and 30 tons of clamping force in double-sided configuration.

Today, over half of Magic machines sold are all-electrics and the balance is hybrid models. As the market for fully-electric machines continues to mature and dominate future sales, Magic expects to eventually produce solely all-electric models and will cease production of hybrids, as it did several years ago when it ended its all-hydraulic machine production. The new ME-UE line is expected to hasten this conversion.

In addition to the cost savings, the new series has a new deflashing unit that is fixed to the mold, designed for quicker mold changes. As with all of Magic's fully-electric machines models, the product has two-year warranty, including parts, service, and the technician's travel expense to and from the customer's factory. —MPW Staff


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