Material companies to offer customer centers at NPE2015

At NPE2015, several raw material suppliers plan to offer "Customer Service Centers" where they can connect with processors, designers, OEM/brands and other business professionals in facilities nearby the exhibit floor.

At the moment, nine companies have committed to purchase space for Customer Service Centers, and several more firms are in discussions with SPI. The eight include Dow Chemical, DSM Engineering Plastics, DuPont, Eastman Chemical, ExxonMobil Chemical, Formosa Plastics, LyondellBasell, PPG Industries, and Westlake Chemical. SPI says that the Dow experience will be particularly "extensive, accounting for a space rivaling the largest booth on the exhibit floor."

"Dow introduced the customer center concept in 2002 and we have worked to raise the bar every year," said Greg Jozwiak, North America commercial VP for Dow packaging and specialty plastics. "Providing our customers and industry partners with a comfortable, exclusive venue for meetings, meals and other business services will continue to be a priority in 2015. Dow will also use the venue to showcase the latest polyolefin, elastomer and adhesive technologies. And, with the growth projects in the plastics sector set to come online in the coming year, we expect NPE 2015 to be a market catalyst to even greater growth and innovation."

The Customer Service Centers, accounting for more than 62,000 sq.ft. (5,760 sq.m), will enable NPE2015 visitors to meet with current or prospective material suppliers in settings conducive to discussion, information exchange, and relationship building. Visitors will have the opportunity to engage with supplier executives, salespeople, or technical experts appropriate to their interests. Many of material suppliers will also be conducting private tours of the exhibit floor to showcase machines using their materials.

"The emerging importance of Customer Service Centers reflects a renewed commitment to NPE2015 by raw material suppliers, and highlights the importance of the materials aspect within plastics production life cycle," said Brad Williams, SPI's director of trade show marketing and sales. "Visitors to NPE2015 will discover the full range of technologies necessary to stay competitive, including hundreds of new machines in full-scale operation and a wealth of resin, compound, and additive innovations."      

The increased involvement of raw material suppliers is in line with NPE's efforts to provide more material education as well as showcase material impacts in design, production, recycling,and reuse. NPE2015 is on track to be the largest NPE in years and poised to equal NPE's largest event ever, NPE2000. Over 950,000 square feet (88,250 sq.m) of space has already been secured, and the show is at 94% of capacity. In addition, more than 350 exhibitors report that they will run equipment on the show floor.

NPE2015 Registration and Housing is now open at For more information on securing a customer service center meeting room, contact NPE Sales at [email protected] or 703.259.6132.

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