Material handling systems designed for precise performance, minimal maintenance

Resin dosing, blending, and material handling systems engineered for accurate performance and minimal maintenance by Sysmetric (Afula Illit, Israel) are available in the United States and Canada through CMD Corp. (Appleton, WI).

Commonly sourced parts and reliable systems ensure easy maintenance, requiring little to no service. Standard industrial PLCs are used.

The benefits of Sysmetric dosing systems include optional line, yield, output, and layer controls.

Line control enables plastics processors to achieve significant gains in throughput. Dosing accuracy of 0.03 % of single-load cell batching and vertical cascade blending ensures material consistency is maintained throughout production runs.

Line control directs the ratio between extruder capacity and take-off speed, resulting in gauge control with as little as 0.3% variation and an average increase in output of 10 to 15%. The control includes a PLC and can be installed with simple wiring. Free SCADA lite software is included, allowing operators to track and report processing data. Startup can be done in as few as 5 minutes.

Sysmetric auxiliaries are available for all extrusion systems including blown film, cast and calendaring, cable and pipe, and compounding lines, and injection, rotation, and blow molding equipment.


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