Material Thoughts: Teknor Apex and IMCD, Star Thermoplastic, and Huron

In this edition of Material Thoughts, our look at news and developments in the plastics and additives sectors, we report on a new distribution agreement between Teknor Apex and the IMCD Group, plus investment in a new plastics rheology/analytical instruments laboratory at Star Thermoplastic, and the introduction of a new mold release agent from Huron Technologies Inc. for processors of in‐mold coated and flexible PUR moldings such as those often found in cars.

First to Europe, where custom compounder Teknor Apex Company (Pawtucket, RI) has appointed IMCD Group (Rotterdam), already the exclusive European distributor for PVC compounds from Teknor Apex, as its partner for the distribution of a new generation of Apex PVC compounds for medical applications. The new compounds include plasticizers such as citrates and trioctyl trimellitate (TOTM) instead of the established-but-under fire diethyhexyl phthalate (DEHP). The DEHP replacement includes grades for both extrusion and injection moulding applications, such as tubing for intravenous (IV) sets, catheters, tracheal cannulas, syringe bodies, luer connectors and others.

In Broadview, IL, the Star Thermoplastics division of Star Thermoplastic Alloys & Rubbers Inc. has opened what it claims is the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) industry's newest and largest plastics rheology/analytical instruments laboratory. According to Star officials, the benefits of a lab fitted out with complete analytical instruments as compared to a standard plastics lab is the ability to analyze from a chemist's perspective any given formulation and either precisely match it, or to tweak a formulation to make it process and perform better. The laboratory will be used to measure TPE's rheological properties over the full range, including shear and elongation.

Speaking to the lab's value to customers, Star president Thomas Dieschbourg commented, "Recent examples of this include at least 4 recent cases where a prospective customer tested 4-6 competitive TPE samples and found none of them suitable. We were then called in, given the application requirements and came up with a formulation that met all the requirements."

Huron Technologies Inc. (Leslie, MI) has introduced a new water-based release agent of potential use to processors of automotive interior components. Called Release Coating 6981, it is said to offer processors of in‐mold coated and flexible polyurethane (PUR) molded products a release agent designed to help reduce processing costs and increase efficiency.

Spray application of Release Coating 6981 with a low solids output (between 25‐45 grams per minute) results in more parts molded per gallon, making molding processes more cost effective, reports Huron. The supplier says the agent also provides a consistently cleaner mold due to less build up on the mold surface, allowing for extended mold cycles before cleaning.

The release agent is designed for use at mold temperatures from 70‐145°F (21‐62°C). It provides a uniform low gloss appearance over the surface area.

Release Coating 6981 is available in 5-gallon containers and 55-gallon drums.


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