Matsui, Kawata bring new kit to Japan’s IPF show

October 21, 2008

Japan’s International Plastic Fair (IPF) has traditionally served as a launching pad for new products from the country’s processing machinery suppliers and this year’s event in November will be no different. MPW’s Stephen Moore will attend the event and report back on what he finds, but he also attended a press trip in advance of the show during which both Matsui and Kawata previewed machinery they will bring to the event.

One of the highlights at auxiliary equipment manufacturer Matsui (Osaka) will be the Ecobrid closed circuit water-cooling system. Not only does the closed circuit system prevent contamination by algae and Legionella pneumophila, but its adiabatic cooling also reduced water consumption and free cooling saves energy. One processor was able to save 3,860 tonnes of water consumption in one year by installing an Ecobrid system, while its CO2 emissions were reduced by 37 tonnes. Overall, the processor reduced its water and electricity bills by $11,000 annually.

Kawata (also Osaka) is adding larger units to its Challenger III DFA series of dehumidifying dryers that claim energy savings of up to 30% through use of a special heat exchanger to recover the heat of the return air from the drying hopper. Kawata has also scaled up its DV series of vacuum dryers to include the DV-30. Power consumption is around one-fourth of dehumidifying dryers.

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