Medical project demands giant digital printer

Space needs to be made within the shop floor at Pad Print Machinery of Vermont as the company continues assembly of what it says will be one of the largest digital ink jet machines ever built at PPMOV. The customer, an unidentified medical device manufacturer, needs the new equipment for printing a variety of dental products and packaging.

PPMOV giant digital printer for dental device and packaging
PPMOV is making room in its shop for the printer and conveyor lines.

That's according to PPMOV marketing and sales manager Karen Krulikowski, who told PlasticsToday that her company would not name the customer nor offer too many detail about the giant printing line. She did tell us that the customer, "a very large healthcare manufacturer", would install the printer as part of an inline production process. PPMOV also designed all of the 25 feet worth of conveyor systems for the line.

Krulikowski continued, "What's great about this digital printer is the speed - at 16 inches a second, the product images/markings can be stored in the control and recalled at any time. No pads or plates to make. (It's) perfect for short and long runs with variable data/or multiple images." Pad Print Machinery of Vermont (East Dorset, VT) identifies the printer as a custom version of its XD070 multi-color digital ink jet printer. Included in the order are a pre-treatment station, six colors and UV curing. This model of printer was launched by the company last September.


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