Milacron adds screw-cutting machine to Wear Technology unit

Cincinnati Milacron Extrusion Systems has boosted its screw-manufacturing capacity with the addition of a new Weingartner screw-cutting machine at its Wear Technology site in McPherson, KS. In addition to increasing capacity, the new machine increased the screw lengths Milacron can offer, allowing the fabrication of screws in excess of 8m. In a release, David Thiessen, engineering manager at Wear Technology, said the new system aligns McPherson’s capabilities with barrel- and screw-manufacturing plants in Mt. Orab, OH and Mississauga, ON.

Milacron says the high-speed screw-cutting technology for extrusion, injection, and blowmolding feedscrews allows machining precision, custom designs, and greater output. The decision to add the equipment was actually made in late 2007 on the basis of growth in the company’s aftermarket barrel and screw retrofit business that pushed capacity utilization above 95%.

Wear Technology supplies new screws and barrels, as well as rebuilds, for all makes and models of twin- and single-screw extruders. Its screw-coating technology utilizes tungsten carbide and molybdenum coatings. In addition to screws and barrels, Milacron said the new machining system could be used to fabricate products applied outside plastics like pump rotors and screw pumps.

Milacron’s presence in McPherson goes back to the 1998 purchase of Wear Technology. In 2000, the McPherson site absorbed the replacement barrel and screw business of another Milacron acquisition, Akron Extruders. Wear Technology’s Mississauga site is the former Progress Precision, which Milacron added in April 2001. [email protected]

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