Millennials are driving alternative wine packaging formats: Amcor Rigid Plastics

Bronco Wine Co. (Ceres, CA), a major supplier of varietal wines, is field testing its leading Green Fin and Hacienda 750ml wine brands in lightweight polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles from Amcor Rigid Plastics (Fairfield, NJ), the world’s leading producer of rigid plastic packaging. The fourth largest winery in the U.S., is seriously contemplating a major packaging switch from glass to plastic to benefit from PET’s sustainability, lightweight, shatter resistance, and potential use in new venues while increasing its business in the retail and airline segments.

Bronco Wine’s field testing of 750ml PET bottles is a significant development in the wine industry because it represents a major glass-to-plastic 750ml conversion by a major wine producer, according to Amcor. Bronco has previously found strong commercial success with PET in the 187ml size.

“We’re thrilled that a leading winery like Bronco Wine is embracing barrier PET bottles as an alternative to glass,” said Jocelyn Cory, Vice President of Marketing for Amcor Rigid Plastics’ Diversified Products Division. “The field testing further expands the use of PET in the 750ml size category and could be a springboard for the rest of the industry.”

This new packaging supports customer sustainability targets by achieving full recyclability. Green Fin features a 100%recyclable PET label and aluminum closure that removes completely from the bottle. The Green Fin brand will be distributed exclusively through Trader Joe’s retail outlets.

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