M&M Polishing demonstrates A-2 mirror-like surface finish

September 02, 2009

M&M Polishing (Coloma, MI) demonstrated its ability to polish Industeel’s Superplast mold steel to an SPI A-2 finish, and displayed its accomplishments in a large sample of SP300 mold steel polished to the A-2 specification at NPE 2009.

M&M Polishing brought an A-2 finish to this block of Industeel SP300 Superplast mold steel.

“We worked together with Industeel on this demonstration project,” said David LaGrow, VP of M&M Polishing. “We were looking to demonstrate our A-2 polishing capabilities and they were willing to supply us with a block of SP300 to work with. The experience of our team of polishing experts meant it was possible to use our standard techniques and equipment on SP300, and it took us no longer to get to an A-2 finish than it would take for any other type of steel.”

Tom Baker, Project Manager at Model Die & Mold Inc. of Wyoming, MI, said that M&M does an excellent job when it comes to an A-2 finish. “They’ve done a lot of work for us over the years, including A-2 polishing work. As for SP300, it’s a good product. We think it compares well to P-20 mold steel, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use it,” Baker said. “When it comes to chrome-plated parts like wheel covers, the ability to quickly and consistently get that A-2 finish in the tool is absolutely critical. Any surface imperfection in the plastic wheel cover will be magnified when the chrome plating is applied.”

SP300 is part of the Industeel (A Division of Arcelor Mittal) Superplast product line of mold and tool steels. “Superplast patented steels have been uniquely formulated for improved thermal conductivity, homogeneity, consistent polishability, welding performance, and faster machining capability,” said Rob Esling, sales and marketing manager at Industeel USA. “Companies like M&M Polishing have been able to prove to the industry that Superplast grades have the ability to consistently polish up to the A-2 standard. In fact, Industeel warranties the entire SP product line of tool steels to an A-2 finish.” Clare Goldsberry

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