Mold-Masters expands service through hot runner PM program

Mold-Masters announced expansion of its customer support through its U.S. Service Center in Romeo, MI with another value-added program. The hot runner preventive maintenance programs will keep all brands of hot runner systems in tip-top shape.

Mold-Masters’  new hot runner preventive maintenance programs being offered at its U.S. Service Center in Romeo, MI are aimed at providing customers with optimum service in maintaining hot runner systems. “Mold-Master Injectioneering (MMI) will customize a program to specific systems,” says Doug Hugo, director of North American sales. “This is value-added service at its best as we bring our expertise into partnership with our customers to protect their investments. Our focus is for customers to maximize equipment performance and longevity, as well as minimize costly repairs and downtime.”

Mick Benedict of fluid handling systems supplier A. Raymond/Rayconnect (Rochester Hills, MI) uses the MMI service centre for fast emergency repairs, cleaning, and refurbishment of hot runner systems. “As the North American Tooling Group Supervisor, I choose MMI for their technical expertise, very fast turnaround, and accessibility. MMI recently saved us a lot of time when they worked with to us identify and repair a very complex problem with one of our systems."

MMI offers a full range of services for both Mold-Masters and other hot runner systems. Services include rapid repair of components, cleaning, grinding plates and components, welding, milling, electrical testing, bore scope reports on runner channels, and emergency repairs. [email protected]

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