Mold-Masters to use Moldex3D for 3D simulation in hot runner design

Hot runner manufacturer Mold-Masters will utilize Moldex3D 3D injection molding simulation software for design verification and optimization of hot runner systems. CoreTech System Co. Ltd. (Hsinchu, Taiwan) announced that Mold-Masters has selected its Moldex3D software to be the company's global CAE analysis standard.

Mold-Masters has invested in what it calls a comprehensive product management project to set global CAD/CAM/CAE standards for its organization to accommodate the growing hot runner business, which has engineering offices in Germany, Canada, China, and India.

SimpaTec, the Moldex3D reseller supplying Mold-Masters, noted the software will allow the hot runner manufacturer to analyze and revise hot runner systems for an optimized filling pattern, weld line elimination, and high gloss/paint free parts. In addition, simulation can allow the hot runner system to reduce cycle times, clamp force, and injection pressure.

Moldex3D offers advanced coupled flow and thermal analysis for hot runner systems, as well as a private cloud-based environment.

Hot runner simulation

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