Molder goes back to the future by reinstating original name, renewing focus

George E. Danis, CEO of Plastic Molding Manufacturing Inc. (Hudson, MA), is proud to announce the company's return to Plastic Molding Manufacturing's original name. All the companies that Danis has acquired over the past five years—ResTech Plastics Molding (Hudson, MA), Northeast Mold & Plastics (Berlin, CT) and True Precision Plastics (Lancaster, PA)—will now operate under their parent corporate name, Plastic Molding Manufacturing. This renewed focus emphasizes Plastic Molding Manufacturing's roots and strengths: plastic molding development, production and service.

George Danis
George E. Danis, CEO, Plastic Molding Manufacturing Inc.

"Plastic Molding Manufacturing has always been our business, our passion and our strength," said Danis. Established in 1968, Plastic Molding Manufacturing has always emphasized, relied on and incorporated the basic American values of hard work, honesty and inventiveness. "As we begin the new year," he continues, "this unification will continue to support economic growth through local employment. We believe providing quality, innovative products throughout America is a good thing, and we aim to do our part under our original name."

While this renewed cohesive identity has not affected each company's current location and structure, it does provide customers with more than 47 combined years of innovative product development and engineering expertise. Customers gain access to three different locations with more local manufacturing options, 86 injection molding machines (24 to 500 ton capacity) including five 2-shot molding machines and a multi-functional ISO Class 8 cleanroom.

A new common logo and common theme has been implemented: "America's Molding Manufacturer." Plastic Molding Manufacturing's commitment to quality, technical expertise, creativity and competitiveness is also expressed on the new website.

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