Moldmaker Eurostampi Srl launches proprietary pasta making machine

What do moldmaking and pasta making have in common? Not much, unless you're the Italian injection mold manufacturing company Eurostampi Srl, which has specialized for 25 years in the design and manufacture of molds. The company announced the launch of its new brand, MAMMAMIA, inspired by the Italian gastronomic tradition and culture and appealing to a young, international audience.

"Through its own name, the brand plays with references to pop music and through an exclamation which is all Italian but is now recognized all over the world, thus recalling the path undertaken by those who have spread the tradition of homemade pasta throughout the world," according to Eurostampi's information.

In January, the company launched the first two models of its pasta machine: BIG MAMA and LITTLE MAMA. Entirely made of stainless steel and plastics certified for food use, the MAMMAMIA pasta machines do not require electricity and are practical to use and install. "These products are inspired by professional machines and they are ideally suited to the home environment in terms of cost, convenience and size," Eurostampi notes.

The company announced that 2014 will be an important year for new investments planned in technology and logistics, and for commercialization of products. "The birth of the brand MAMMAMIA is part of this renewed industrial strategy, offering simple and competitive products which are the result of the creativity and initiative of Eurostampi's owner, Valentino Dall'Igna," Eurostampi said. "After the launch of the products, various initiatives will be activated either from the website of MAMMAMIA and from the official Facebook page of the new brand."

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