Moldmaker formalizes value-adds to ensure customer success

Cavaform International LLC recently opened a new 22,000-ft2 facility next to its current mold manufacturing plant in St. Petersburg, FL. The new company, Modern Technical Molding & Development LLC, will provide molding sampling capabilities using the company's five injection molding presses that range from 75-375 tonnes capacity. "We can also install a customer's molding press up to 500 tonnes in pre-prepared sites," says Robert (Chuck) Massie, VP of Cavaform. "This allows us to test and provide process documentation in any and all aspects of an OEM's startup needs."

Modern Technical Molding & Development also offers training in setup and processing the molds, inspection services, assembly and mold maintenance, robotics integration, and part handling. "Some customers also have us run extended parts molding to provide product for their startup or development needs," says David Outlaw, molding operations manager.

Commenting on the company's decision to open a business that reaches further upstream with services, Massie says, "We have to provide more services and technical support to retain our clientele. It's not even just a mold test anymore, but more so providing scientific analysis on the molds we build, including process parameters, first article, and CPK documentation."

Cavaform, which serves primarily the medical industry, has been providing these services for quite some time, Massie explains, but decided to create a business unit around them. Modern Technical Molding & Development is bringing in OEMs' molding machines from Husky, Toshiba, Engel, and Sumitomo, and is working with Arburg as well as other injection press manufacturers. "We perform all the startup, processing, and mold qualification on the customer's machines so that it becomes plug-and-play at their end," Massie says.

Short-term plans call for the company to add two dual-purpose LSR and injection thermoplastic machines this year. Modern Technical Molding & Development can accommodate up to 16 presses, depending on tonnage size. Clare Goldsberry

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