Motorola, RocTool share JEC Innovation Award

Motorola (Chicago) has won a JEC Innovation Award in the Electronic Products category for its composite covers for smartphones. A rapid molding process developed by RocTool (Le Bourget du Lac, France) played a key role in the production of the covers.

RocTool's rapid molding process allowed Motorola to develop smartphone covers at a high production rate, writes RocTool in a press release. RocTool's technologies combine molding of nylon, polycarbonate, Kevlar and woven glass fibers.

"We would like to congratulate Motorola for winning this prestigious award," said Mathieu Boulanger, President of RocTool Inc. "RocTool technologies are adapted to high-volume production, particularly in the electronics, automotive, luxury cosmetics and other quality oriented [sectors]. RocTool's induction provides an excellent surface quality and a resin rich surface, which is a key requirement of electronics housings," added Boulanger.

Tom Vondrak, Director, Sourcing and Procurement for Motorola, said, "RocTool's 3i-tech inductive system was critical to Motorola reaching its production and cycle time targets for the Droid Turbo programs. It allowed us to reach a target capacity of approximately 50,000 formed parts per day, with minimal tooling investment, while maintaining excellent surface quality and dimensional stability on our formed parts."

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