N.A. construction market points to future growth in spite of current worries

October 24, 2008

 The overall North American construction market fell by 8.5% in 2007, with the burst housing bubble deflating demand for a number of composite applications in doors, windows, baths, and swimming pools, according to Opportunities for Composites in the North American Construction Market 2008-2013: Trends, Forecast and Opportunity Analysis, a new report from Lucintel. The North American construction composites market generated sales of $4.5 billion in 2007, and in spite of current challenges, Lucintel forecasts sales growth to a total market value of $6.3 billion in 2013.

For the next five years, Lucintel forecasts that the North American construction composite application market will average better than 7.0% growth per year, with individual subsection growth varying from 3.0% to 14.9% annually. The top markets over this time span will be doors, windows, rebar, and utility, with bridge deck, bathtub, and FRP panel applications exhibiting slower growth. This 207-pg report is available by contacting Sean Lofgren at [email protected].

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