Nampac launches Eco-Pail

Nampac, a division of Bway Corp., has launched the Eco-Pail, an environmentally friendly plastic pail that supports sustainability efforts by using new technology. The Eco-Pail is composed of three eco-components: the Eco-Handle, the Tri-Seal Gasketless cover, and the Stratum Pail body. The process uses Nampac’s rights to Twinshot technology, whereby two different materials are molded at the same time. Nampac can use up to 50% of recycled plastic in the core of the Eco-Pail without sacrificing mechanical strength, performance, or value. As part of Nampac’s product development initiative, the Eco-Pail has been analyzed by a third party for each stage of its life cycle to ensure sustainability, from material extraction to product disposal. [email protected]

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