New blowmolded rain-spout extensions keep water flowing

With all the rain flooding the New England area, there's probably big demand for a new drainage product manufactured by Meredith-Springfield Associates Inc., an extrusion blowmolding manufacturing and engineering company located in Ludlow, MA. The new Extend-A-Spout Drainage System was recently launched at Home Depot and Lowes stores in select areas of the U.S.

Extend-A-Spout solves an issue that many homeowners have with outdoor drainage from their gutter system - foundation flooding from gutters and downspouts that also washes away mulch beds. Meredith-Springfield Associates typically specializes in bottles and packaging of various types and sizes, but the company isn't afraid to step into the design and development of other blowmolded products.Meredith-Springfield blowmolded Extend-A-Spout

"Our company has perfected the blowmolding of very technical, long parts on its modified twin-sided shuttle blowmolders," said Meredith-Springfield's President and CEO Mel O'Leary.  "Part length for continuous extrusion blowmolding is normally limited to around 20 inches, but with Meredith-Springfield's proprietary processes and equipment, parts as long as 36 inches and 9 inches in depth can be achieved. That technology is required to make the Extend-A-Spout system a success."

The new Extend-A-Spout Drainage System was created by Amerimax Building Products Inc., a division of Euramax International of Canada. Euramax International is a global producer of value-added aluminum, steel, vinyl, and laminated products for original equipment manufacturers, distributors, contractors, and home centers in the U.S. and Western Europe.

Extend-A-Spout Drainage System consists of three streamlined components: A) the downspout adapter that fits 2-by-3-inch downspouts; B) the flexible connector, which bends for multiple positions; and C) the low-profile diverter that allows the product to blend into, and under, landscaping.

The system fits all residential downspouts, does not leak or clog and provides the inconspicuous 2 1/8 inch high drainage diverter. Installation is eased via the Snap-Fit connections, and the system can extend to more than 50 inches, with options for more length.

Gutter and downspout flooding can be a problem, leading homeowners to rig their own duct tape and plastic tubing fitting which is unsightly and temporary at best. The Extend-A-Spout Drainage System not only carries water away from foundations, but can direct water to other areas that need hydration. The angled extension option is one of the unique customizable features of this product and can extend the water flow in increments of 30-inches each through the easy-to-use Snap-Fit connections. Because of the product's durability, the extensions can be buried under mulch, stone or sod.

"This is truly a product that can make a homeowner's life stress-free," O'Leary added. "We are perfectly suited to provide not only the manufacturing of this unique product, but the plant-to-retail outlet packaging as well."

O'Leary also noted that the product's "sensible price point" as well as its problem-solving capabilities, the Extend-A-Spout has been selling better than expected. "This is very encouraging for a new product on the market," he added. Meredith-Springfield's customers include Fortune 100 consumer products companies such as Gillette, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, PepsiCo, Clorox and more.


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