New extrusion lines feature iPhone wireless control

Extrusion lines with fully integrated quality control systems can now be set up by an operator with an iPhone outside of a clean room.

The new technology will be on display at NPE2012 at the Boston Mathews (Norwood, NJ) booth in the West Hall, number 5862.

Monitoring systems are integrated into the Smart control.

Use of Boston Matthews' Smart Control System technology as the main platform and central control unit eliminates the need for separate mounting and interfacing of additional processing hardware normally associated with secondary or tertiary quality monitoring systems.

Systems that can be used include wall thickness measurement, tube diameter measurement control, lump recognition, defect analysis, and loss in weight.

"We developed the Smart System several years ago when the ability to access production data for analytical purposes was a wishful luxury and considered to be only necessary for certain industries and multi-national organizations," says Simon Brookes, sales director at Boston Matthews, which has headquarters in Worcester, England.

Today, increasing numbers of processors want historical data as a means of monitoring and improving production. Documentation is required for many medical applications.

The wireless function is called iSmart and can be used with various devices, including iPhone and iPad.

Functionality and user permissions can be set-up and controlled by the administrator (plant manager) through the main Smart Color Touch-Screen found on the extrusion line. The extrusion line operator does not need to access the restricted area or clean room in order to make setting changes.

Extrusion lines specifically manufactured by Boston Mathews for medical applications include:

  • Single and multi-lumen tube,
  • Burette tube,
  • Fluoropolymer canula,
  • Blood bags,
  • Polyurethane and polyamide tubing,
  • Peristaltic tubing,
  • Styrene pipette tube,
  • Radio-opaque tube, and
  • Bubble "Bump" Tube.

Boston Matthews is the largest manufacturer of extruders in the United Kingdom, and has more than 23,000 machines in use. All machine components are manufactured in house.










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