NPE Design Competition: Young scholars sitting pretty in rotomolded desks

June 15, 2009

Of the many interesting applications entered in the International Plastics Design Competition, which will be judged and for which awards will be presented during NPE, few are as colorful as the one-piece rotomolded polyethylene school desks designed to replace heavy wood/metal desks.

Called QDesk and processed in Venezuela by Industrias Q’Productos CA, the rotomolded desks are available for right- or left-handed scholars in five colors and three sizes to fit children from kindergarten to eighth grade. The colorful desks comply with the country’s ergonomic and structural strength standards for this application. Lakeland Mold Co. (Brainerd, MN) manufactures the molds for the desks, with material supplied by Polinter CA.

Although the final part looks like it might have been a complicated molding, one of the truly impressive features of these chairs is that the final geometry was realized using a mold with only four pieces, which also simplified parts removal and helped limit cycle times. According to the award submission for the desks, cycle times were kept comparable to those of simple parts such as round water tanks. The plastic desks also are of course rather easy to clean, a handy feature for schools and young paramours who, rather than scratching names into a desktop where they will remain for the life of the product, can reach for soap and water when the bloom leaves a young romance. [email protected]

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