NPE2012: Proco unveils take-out system with integrated deflasher and leak tester

April 04, 2012

Orlando, FL—Proco Machinery Inc. has developed a take-out system with an integrated deflasher and leak tester.

The company demonstrated this new "all-in-one" multi-functional system for extrusion blowmolded bottles at NPE2012 booth (#542).

"This is a very unique system and is an industry first," Savi Krish, sales manager with Proco, told PlasticsToday. "This takes three functions and puts it into one station."

The company's patent-pending Robopik Plus is an upgraded version of Proco's original Robopik model, which can accommodate a variety of shuttle extrusion blowmolding machines without modification or adjustment, according to Proco.

The Robopik Plus takes the container and transfers it directly from the deflasher where the tail and top flash is removed. In the same station, an optional spin trimmer is also available to spin off any dome flash that exists. After deflashing, the vacuum conveyor extends into the deflasher and retracts with the container in an upright orientation.

Featuring a conveyor height of 34 inches, the new system has two servo drives and fewer moving parts. The unit is designed to keep pace with the cycle time of extrusion blowmolding machines.

"There were no sacrifices made to the cycle time or the quality of the product," Krish said. "This machine helps reduce floor space and it's cost effective because processors now don't have to purchase three machines separately."

The Robopik Plus is not limited by shape or size as it can also handle bottle-type containers with any number of mold cavities, the company said.

Krish said industry reaction has been favorable, and the company has received a lot of inquires at NPE2012.

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