Olefin-carbon fiber hybrid wins JEC Innovation Award

A new hybrid yarn that could improve the economics of carbon fiber composites for the automotive industry is now being beta tested by OEMs, primarily in Europe.

Innegra H, a high-modulus polypropylene-based yarn, is now being integrated at the filament level with carbon fiber. Innegra H costs one-third less than standard filament carbon fiber and up to two-thirds less than expensive aircraft grades, said Innegra VP Jeff Ettin in an interview with Plastics Today at JEC Americas in



"This fits well in applications where you are looking for impact resistance and a significant weight reduction," Ettin said. OEMs are testing composites made with the new hybrid yarn in interior applications such as door panels. It's not appropriate for use in applications that require continuous thermal resistance of 300F or higher.

Ettin said that Innegra H is different from other hybrid yarns that are joined by kinking or twisting. In the process developed by Innegra Technologies (Greenville, SC), the fibers are combined without compromising their mechanical integrity, according to Ettin. In an iteration, Ettin showed Plastics Today, the yarn was about 70% carbon fiber and 30% Innegra.

Innegra H received an Innovation Award at the show. Other winners were:

Supply Chain: Gascogne Laminates. Intelligent release liners dedicated to manufacturing of prepregs.

R&D: Hanyang University. Specially developed beam element with composite cross-section.

Green Solutions: TSE Industries Inc.Environmentally friendly, cost-effective high performance polyurethane resin for filament winding applications.

Process: Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT). Integrated process chain for automated and flexible production of fiber.

Electrical Vehicle: Invenio S.A. Solar car built with carbon fiber.

Multisectorial (Trucks/Trailers, Aeronautics, Marine, Civil Engineering, Oil & Gas): Advanced Telescopic Technologies Inc..Multi-stage composite telescopic hoist

Pipes & Water Management: Ticona. A specific pipe for water infrastructures and oil & gas operations

Personal Safety: Go Composites. All composite anchors for personal fall arrest systems

Innovation Spreading: FS Cruing Diamond/FS Tool. Tooling solution that thoroughly evacuates hot dust particles produced during cutting operations


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