Pasco Tool & Plastics receives Global Tooling Vendor award

The reasons Pasco Tool & Plastics Inc. of Meadville, PA was awarded the "Global Tooling Vendor" designation by one of its long-term customers, Mine Safety Appliances, include its outstanding work in building high-quality molds, attention to detail, and excellence in customer service, said Ron Posego, project engineer at Pasco.

Pasco awarded Global Tooling Vendor designation: Tony Passilla Jr., VP Pasco Tool & Plastics Inc. (left), and Rene Burger, global operation engineer for Mine Safety Appliances.

Pasco Tool & Plastics was founded in 1972 by its current owner, Tony Passilla, and about 20 years ago began a molding operation. Today, the company operates nine injection molding presses ranging from 40-300 tons, three of which are Cincinnati RoboShot systems purchased in the past year.

"We design and build a range of tooling from prototype up to 32-cavity production molds," says Posego. "We also do molding and assembly as a contract manufacturer."

Over the past year, the company has also added 10 employees, bringing to 31 the total number, with 15 of those in the moldmaking department.

Mine Safety Appliances specializes in safety equipment such as respirators and components for helmets used in the mining industry. Pasco also serves the medical, automotive, and the industrial industries.

Posego notes, "It's really thanks to all of the great employees, the effort that they put into doing such a good job here at Pasco that we were awarded this honor of Global Tooling Vendor by our customer. The tool designer and toolmakers are the key reason for this award—the craftsmanship, team effort, and many years of experience."[email protected]

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