PEAL sees big improvement in PLA foamed sheet throughput

Turbo ScewsPlastic Engineering Associates Licensing Inc. (PEAL; Boca Raton, FL) announced that as a result of further NatureWorks’ Ingeo resin foam trials performed in Q4 of 2008, PEAL’s technical team has increased the throughput rate for Ingeo biopolymer extruded foam by 40% on a 4.5-by-6.0-inch tandem extrusion system.

PEAL also said it expects further and significant throughput rate increases as work continues on use of PEAL’s patented Turbo-Screws plasticizing technology for biopolymer foam extrusion. PEAL is a preferred equipment supplier to NatureWorks LLC, and Turbo Screws technology has been recognized by NatureWorks as the preferred technology for foam extrusion of its biopolymers.

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