Plastec preview: Multimaterial 3D printers gain honors

January 07, 2010

Objet Geometries’ latest Connex 3D printing systems—the Connex500 (released in 2007) and the Connex350 (released in 2009)—are the first systems in the world to support multimaterial 3D printing, according to Objet. The systems were recently recognized with a Material of the Year 2009 Honorable Mention by Material ConneXion, a leading global materials consultancy and library of innovative and sustainable materials, and were among the finalists for its first annual Medium Award.

The Medium Award aims to recognize materials and processes that demonstrate outstanding innovation and the potential to make a significant contribution to the advancement of design, industry, society and economy. “We are extremely proud to be counted among the finalists for this significant and relevant honor,” said David Reis, CEO of Objet Geometries. “It’s gratifying to see that our Connex systems continue to receive recognition for their outstanding contributions to 3D printing and the design industry at large.”

Objet’s Connex500 and Connex350 represent a breakthrough in 3D printing offering product developers the ability to print parts and assemblies made of several materials with different mechanical and physical properties in a single build process. The systems’ patented PolyJet Matrix Technology jets materials in ultra-thin layers, immediately curing each layer with UV light, a process which yields models that closely emulate the look, feel and function of an exceptionally wide variety of end products. In addition, the systems allow users to create composite materials that have pre-set combinations of mechanical properties.

Objet Geometries, headquartered in Rehovot, Israel, will have its Connex500 and Connex350 showcased, along with other honorees, at Material ConneXion’s showroom in New York City, in a special public exhibition through Feb. 19. Objet will be exhibiting at MD&M/Plastec West in Anaheim, CA, Feb. 9-11, booth #3509. Clare Goldsberry

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