Plastec: Toshiba’s big first day

Anaheim—Plastec West got off to a strong start for injection molding machine manufacturer Toshiba, which finalized commitments on five machines on the first day of the show. Thomas McKevitt, general manager, Toshiba Machine Co. America, said the company had been "working on" the five sales prior to the show. The strong start to the show coincides with a strong start to 2013, according to McKevitt, who said business in January was strong, and although February began slower, it has picked up. In 2012, McKevitt said business for the company was up 15% from 2011.

"What's feeding the strong business is the fact that we have inventory," McKevitt said. "It's encouraging to be here the first day of the show and finalize sales." Toshiba has recently maintained machine inventory in California and Illinois, reflecting the strength of the market.

At its booth, the company was running an EC200SX with Mold-Masters hot runner and Yushin robotics integrated into the machine controller. The machine was molding polypropylene syringe barrels on a 16-cavity Tech Mold tool.

McKevitt said the company currently has a lot of new technology under development, some of which it hopes to showcase at an open house planned to take place in Canada on March 26-27 at the company's Markham, ON office.

That effort is part of a "reintroduction" to the Canadian market, according to McKevitt. The company had struggled of late to find sales and service staff to support the Canadian market, but has had more success recently and is ramping up operations there.


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