Plastic pallet giant joins EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership

Intelligent Global Pooling Systems (iGPS; Orlando, FL), operator of the world’s first all-plastic pallet pool with embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, has become an official member of the SmartWay Transport Partnership, a voluntary collaboration between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the transport industry to help reduce greenhouse gases and other pollutants, and to improve fuel efficiency.

“Sustainability and concern for our environment are core underpinnings of iGPS, so joining the SmartWay Partnership makes total sense for us,” says Bob Moore, CEO of iGPS. Launched in February 2004, the SmartWay Transport Partnership’s goals are to reduce 33-66 million tonnes of carbon dioxide and up to 200,000 tonnes of nitrogen oxide emissions per year by 2012. Its 1200 members include freight shippers, trucking companies, railroads, and logistics companies.

According to iGPS, its plastic pallet weighs 30% less than a typical multi-use wood pallet, contains four RFID tags for tracking and tracing, and is 100% recylcable. iGPS pallets meet or exceed all GMA requirements and have received fire performance certification under UL 2335 (file no. R25482) and FM Approvals 4996. MPW reported initially on the company here.

iGPS reports an independent life cycle analysis found that its pallets are environmentally superior to the typical multi-use wood pallet on every regularly-measured dimension. More information on the life cycle analysis comparing the environmental impact of iGPS’ all-plastic pallets versus typical multi-use wood pallets, including a greenhouse gas savings calculator, can be found at [email protected]

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