Plasticum develops lightweight over cap for aerosol market

September 14, 2012

European plastic packaging injection molder Plasticum Group has developed a lightweight 65-mm over cap for customers in the technical aerosol market.

The cap, called Sunshine, was created due to a demand in the market for cost-effective, eco-friendly, but still high quality over caps, a company spokesperson told PlasticsToday.

This cap has been developed in conjunction with partners in the industry to set a new market standard for the next decade, without changing product dimensions, the company stated. The objective was focused on efficiency improvement and lower integral costs, yet also with an eye on environmental market requirements.

The over cap is automatically layer packed by a robot as opposed to tumble packing.  The company said that layer packing provides logistical improvements and significant savings in operational handling to customers.

"It is a highly efficient, smart production process. Therefore less energy is used to produce the caps," the spokesperson said. "Thanks to the layer packing, a higher packing density is created, so more caps can be packed in one box. This saves transportation and storage."

Due to the solid layers and firm stacking, the caps remain a perfectly round shaped, which are easily processed at the customers' filling lines, the spokesperson said.

The 64-mm caps, produced with polypropylene, have a height of 50 mm and targets the technical aerosol market, such as paints, oils, glues, etc. The over cap will be available by the end of September and will be produced at the company's plant in Tilburg, Netherlands.

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