Plastikos, Micro Mold boost medical capacity

Plastikos and Micro Mold (Erie, PA) are investing $1 million in capital expenditures this year to boost cleanroom molding and precision mold making capacity.

The company is adding an 88-ton Arburg in its clean room, effectively increasing molding capacity in that area 50%. Capacity additions are also being made in its whiteroom medical and electronics. Additional inspection equipment is also being purchased.

"All these investments come back to better quality, better efficiency, increased capacity and increased capability," says Philip Katen, Plastikos president. "The skill and experience of our team are immensely important, but as time goes on, strategic investments in the latest technology and equipment are equally important to maximize the performance of our Team."

Plastikos' sister company, Micro Mold, plans to increase the efficiency and quality of tooling production through an investment in automation and robotics. This will enable the company to provide more 3D EDM work and lights-out operations.

"At Micro Mold, we already have a very large investment in technology. We consider the current infusion of capital as 'doubling down' on our mold shop," says Ryan Katen, general manager of Micro Mold. "At a time when many others are exiting the domestic tool making business because of its low margins and ever growing requirements for capital investments, we see it as a critical component to the ultimate success of our customers' end product in the market. These investments in automation allow us to provide high quality, while remaining price competitive so that an overseas option is less and less attractive to our customers."




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