Polycraft adds three Arburgs

Polycraft Industries, the custom injection molding division of Mastercraft Companies, has installed three state-of-the-art 176-ton Arburg 520A Allrounder presses, bringing to 32 the number of presses operated by the company. Mastercraft Mold, Polycraft’s sister company, is in the final stages of completion on seven molds for one of the company’s major medical customers, so the presses were needed in order to expand capacity, according to Dale Behm, CFO for Mastercraft Companies.
The presses are expected to be fully hooked up and running by the first week in January, just in time for the completion of the molds. Polycraft Industries currently operates 32 presses, including three in the company’s cleanroom, six in clean-environment molding cells, and two in the mold sampling division. Mastercraft Companies operates from a two-building campus in Phoenix, AZ, with one housing the Mastercraft Mold division, a precision injection mold-manufacturing company specializing in class 1 tools. A second facility houses Polycraft Industries, a precision injection molding company, and the corporate offices.

Mastercraft Companies has been in business for more than 40 years, specializing primarily in the medical industry, but also serves customers in the industrial, and pool/spa, defense, electronics and aerospace  markets.  Behm projects that in 2009, Mastercraft Companies (Mastercraft Mold and Polycraft Industries) will have grown by 12% over 2008’s sales. “2010 projections have the company growing by over 20% with medical molding leading the charge,” said Behm. Clare Goldsberry

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