Polymer Technology to manufacture and sell Eurostar plastic compounds

Polymer Technology & Services (PTS), a global manufacturer of UL listed thermoplastics, and a supplier of name brand and generic engineering resins, has signed a trademark license and technology collaboration agreement with Eurostar Engineering Plastics (EPP).

The technical agreement enables PTS to design and manufacture Starflam flame retardant polyamide compounds for the electrical, automotive and renewable energy markets, which will strengthen its position in UL listed thermoplastics in North America.

With this agreement, PTS now exclusively offers more than 120 UL approved flame retardant products in polyamide and polypropylene. 

 The collaboration represents PTS and Eurostar's combined commitment to expand the availability of Starflam compounds to North American customers already utilizing the technology. PTS says that the agreement also provides a more convenient solution to ensure the full product range of Starflam flame retardant polyamides have a stronger and global presence for all applicable markets. The two companies are committed to strengthening their partnership even further in the near future.

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