Polymerupdate European resin pricing, March 2-6: Gains in PP, PE, and PS

March 12, 2009

Polypropylene (PP) producers are planning steep price hikes for March, according to Polymerupdate, as they look to recoup gains in upstream propylene prices. Contract homopolymer injection-grade PP prices rose to 810/tonne FD Northwest Europe, while copolymer contracts were assessed at 850/tonne FD Northwest Europe. PP climbed as well in the spot market, with homopolymer prices reaching 700/tonne FD Northwest Europe, while copolymer prices hit 750/tonne FD Northwest Europe. A PP producer contacted by Polymerupdate said gains in monomer costs have “compelled us to pursue increases for March”, with a minimum 50/tonne adjustment planned. LyondellBasell is targeting a March PP of 60/tonne, with Sabic announcing 50/tonne increase for March contracts.

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) prices bolted higher in Europe last week, with contract general-purpose LDPE grades rising to 890/tonne FD Northwest Europe. In the spot market, LDPE prices hit 820/tonne FD Northwest Europe. A trader contacted by Polymerupdate said European LDPE demand is “subdued”, but prices have firmed on the basis of tighter supplies and higher ethylene prices.

Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) prices in Europe shot higher last week, with contract prices reaching 890/tonne FD Northwest Europe, and spot prices assessed at 790/tonne FD Northwest Europe. LLDPE makers across Europe were seen hiking their rates, which prompted traders to follow suit.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) held steady last week, with suspension grades flat. Producers have been heard pushing for March contract price hikes, with some angling for up to 100/tonne before settling on 50/tonne to 80/tonne. Contract prices last week were reported at 715/tonne FD Northwest Europe, as spot PVC registered at 530 to 560/tonne FD Northwest Europe.

Polystyrene (PS) contract prices firmed last week, with general-purpose contracts rising to 885/tonne FD Northwest Europe, and high-impact prices assessed at 935/tonne FD Northwest Europe. Styrene monomer (SM) contracts, which settled higher, helped drive the increase. In the spot market, general-purpose prices were assessed at 800/tonne FD Northwest Europe, while high-impact prices hit 850/tonne FD Northwest Europe. [email protected]

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