Post-industrial recycled polyamide to debut at K

Automotive underhood applications are the target of a series of polyamide (PA) 6 grades derived from post-industrial recycled material that will debut from the end of 2010—with first commercial applications following in early 2011. The grades will officially debut at the upcoming K Show.

From DSM Engineering Plastics (Sittard, The Netherlands), Akulon RC is currently being evaluated by, amongst others, leading Tier-One supplier Mark IV Systèmes Moteurs. The development of Akulon RC is fully in line with the automotive industry's drive for ecologically sound and sustainable solutions. Offerings will include RC grades of Akulon Ultraflow.

Most recently, DSM Engineering Plastics has further expanded its green portfolio with the introduction of EcoPaXX, a bio-based, high-performance engineering plastic based on polyamide (PA) 410. The new material has a zero carbon footprint from cradle to gate. Stephen Moore


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