Product News - 'Mini' Quick-Change Locks Have Universal Use

May 31, 1999

'Mini' Quick-Change Locks Have Universal Use

PN 31-6/99Mini Cylinder Locks are said to instantly locate and lock anything that can be located or locked with bolts or dowels, but do it better. The company has long been known as a supplier of tooling and related components for thermoforming but is trying to go beyond that process with this product.

According to Ed Segen, President, the lock could be used on other types of   presses, including injection molding machines, as well as heat sealing equipment. "We have an injection molder evaluating this cylinder lock for us."

These small locking devices are pneumatically actuated to provide precision alignment and a holding force of 1000 lb. In addition, they operate at temperatures up to 400 F.

They are less than half the size of the manufacturer's PD438 Series locks and are ideal for frequently changed tool components such as logo plates, dies, mold inserts, jigs and fixtures. Please contact the company directly for pricing information (see the Key Contact Directory).

Edward D. Segen & Co., Inc.
Milford, CT

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