Protective foam sheet could be low-cost option to custom-cut foam

September 11, 2009

Developed and marketed by Pregis Corp. (Deerfield, IL), PolyPlank Plus is the name of a closed-cell polyethylene foam that the processor hopes could help replace some custom-trimmed plastic foam in packaging of goods such as computers, furniture and consumer electronics.

A side view of a PolyPlank Plus plank.

The outer layer of PolyPlank Plus can be made from substrates of foil, paper, nonwovens, adhesive and cohesive films, or other materials. The substrate is laminated onto a foam PE sheet. This assembly is then laminated to a thicker single or multilayer plank structure. Pregis offers the example of a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer laminated to PolyPlank Plus to create a foam block that, when adhered to a product, protects the surfaces without marring it or leaving residue. Packagers remove a release liner to expose the adhesive and adhere the adhesive or cohesive/protective foam block to the product or packaging surface.

Because PolyPlank Plus adheres directly to the component or packaging surface, custom fabrication is no longer necessary; a user can cut the foam plank into various sized blocks, expose the adhesive and adhere the piece directly onto the desired surface, explained Tony Smith, GM engineered products at Pregis.

Pregis is offering PolyPlank Plus in planks up to 48 inches wide, in thicknesses ranging from 1-10 inches. [email protected]

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