Range of valves, end caps, nozzles developed

August 22, 2008

New custom-designed check valves feature a nonreturn ring with a re-usable retainer and replaceable front seat, check ring, and rear seat wear components. They include a self-cleaning design that allows plastic melt to flow without obstruction. The three- and four-piece 100-percent Free-Flow valve features a replaceable front seat with full ring contact and axial-angular flow slots. Other features include a nondirectional check ring and matched shutoff angles.

In addition, replacement end caps for all major injection molding machines are introduced and can be manufactured in either stainless steel or other material designed for corrosive or abrasive use. Close tolerance end caps and adapters are heat treated (nitrided), premium tool steels with highly polished inner surfaces.

Lastly, new air-operated, pin-type shutoff nozzles provide fast-acting, full-flow design that will increase part production and reduce cycle times. They also stop drooling problems. Features include heater bands and thermocouple wells for separate zone control and blow-back protection. They are made with H-13 or customer preference. Many standard sizes of valves, end caps, and nozzles are available in stock, or they can be custom designed. Price was not provided.

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