Resin consumption slashed through foaming technology

Small particles of gas-generating additives infused into the polymer melt during processing can reduce resin requirement by up to 50% and carbon footprint by up to 45%, according to its developer, Polyfil Corp. (Rockaway, NJ). The additives create a microcellular structure (cells less than 100 µm in size) via a chemical reaction that releases a small volume of gas, producing a cellular structure at a size unachievable with present-day chemical foaming agent (CFA) technology. This will expand the polymer by up to twice its volume.

Ecocell can be used with low- and high-density polyethylene, copolymer polyethylenes, polypropylene homopolymers and copolymers, crystal and impact polystyrene, PVDF, TPOs, and TPEs. It is intended for use in such applications as injection molding, thermoforming, sheet, structural foam molded parts, oriented polypropylene films, foamed label stock, blowmolding, extruded profiles, and plastic lumber. [email protected]

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