Resin line converter

February 17, 2009

The new Quantum Series 3-Way Wye line diverter from Vortex Valves North America, a division of Salina Vortex Corp. (Salina, KS), is specifically engineered to handle dry bulk solids in pneumatic conveying systems with vacuum or positive pressures up to 15 psig (1 barg). It provides positive shutoff of air and material to improve process efficiency, minimizes cross contamination, and eliminates material buildup beyond the closed port.

It provides a number of advantages over traditional flapper- and rotating-tunnel-style diverters such as eliminating trouble spots inherent in these conventional diverters. Other reported benefits include superior sealing, low installation weight, fast inline maintenance, and long-term, reliable service.

It’s available in 2- to 8-inch (50- to 200-mm) pipe or tube, and can send dry bulk material from one source to three destinations, or converge three sources to one destination. Adapting the Quantum Series converter to meet system requirements is made easy with a wide selection of actuators, position indication switches, flanges, and tube stubs. It also offers a variety of modifications to accommodate high or low temperatures and corrosive, humid, and hazardous environments. [email protected]

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