Robinson takes helm at Burger & Brown

January 14, 2010

Burger & Brown Engineering (Grandview, MO), internationally known in the molding industry for its Smartflow proprietary products that include multi-port manifolds, flow meters, in-mold sensors, and quick-change aids, appointed Jim Robinson as president. Robinson comes to B&B with 35 years of manufacturing and engineering experience and will assume management of the day-to-day operations. Mark Brown was named the CEO and Chairman of the Board, and will focus on strengthening existing and developing new customer relationships.

Jim Robinson

Phil Burger founded Burger Engineering in 1978 after working nearly 10 years as a mechanical engineer in the plastics industry. In the early years, Phil designed and built special equipment for manufacturers. In 1982, the company began building injection molds for local plastics companies, which led to the company developing several unique and useful accessories for molders and the launch of the Smartflow product line.
Mark Brown joined the firm in 1994 as vice president after working for six years in the confectionary industry as a mechanical engineer automating those processes. By 1997, Brown had purchased a minority position in the company and assumed responsibility for daily operations. In 2002, the company name was officially changed to Burger & Brown Engineering and Brown was named President in 2005 with controlling interest in the company.
Tradenames of Burger & Brown’s products include Smartflow, Thinswitch, Smartlock, and Versaswitch, SWAP valve and FasTie. Recent product introductions include the Smartline greaseless mold carrier and alignment systems, as well as the revolutionary Dr. Eddy with FCI technology.
Other services provided by Burger & Brown Engineering are custom machines for industrial automation, precision CNC machining, micro machining, contract inspection, and plastic part design and consulting. Clare Goldsberry

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