SBC Provides Clarity And Impact Resistance

Kraton D-1403P, D-1403P, and D-1493P styrenic block copolymers (sbc) combine high clarity with high impact resistance. They offer a balance of stiffness, strength, impact resistance, and ductility, as well as better thermal stability and lower gel content than the original grade in the series, D-1401P. The three polymers are recyclable and meet U.S. FDA food-contact and USP Class VI standards. Each can be used alone or as a compounding ingredient in blow molding, injection molding, and blown film. D-1403P provides higher flow, contains a slip agent/wax, and allows faster processing of injection molded items and thin films. D-1431 is a lower-flow formulation that boasts improved melt strength. It is suitable for sheet manufacturing, thermoforming, and extrusion processes that demand minimal sheet sagging and improved product strength. D-1493P is an unwaxed version of D-1403P designed for applications where oxygen transmission rate, adhesion, or printing is critical. Kraton Polymers, P.O. Box 61070, Houston, TX 77208

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