Sealed Air uses Cardia compostable films for new PakNatural biodegradable cushion bags

Sealed Air will use Cardia compostable films for its new PakNatural biodegradable cushion bags. The PakNatural biodegradable cushion bag is a moldable cushioning bag made from renewable materials that is certified biodegradable and compostable. 

Cardia Bioplastics Managing Director Frank Glatz said: "The main design goals by Sealed Air were to offer biodegradable and compostable packaging solutions made from renewable resources and to maintain the packaging integrity of the PakNatural Biodegradable Cushion Bag protective void fill cushions. Working closely with the Sealed Air team, we contributed to making their commitment to delivering more environmentally friendly packaging solutions of high performance to their customers a reality. Sealed Air is another example of a major market leader taking the initiative of introducing compostable and biodegradable solutions to their customers."

The Cardia Compostable film had to meet precision performance standards during both the manufacture of the film and later at the point of use, when the film is converted to a cushion bag. Cardia Bioplastics states that the systems are fast and easy to operate delivering cushions on demand for excellent protection and efficient void filling, while reducing material and shipping costs. 

"When it comes to sustainability, we focus on the total life cycle of our products and the products we protect," siad John Wolf, Sealed Air Global VP of the general use segment. Our strategy involves understanding the beginning and end of life, in addition to the performance during use. The new PakNatural biodegradable cushion bags addresses all of these areas."

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