Seating concept addresses urban mobility, comfort and autonomous driving trends

With a focus on first- and second-row seating in a simulated vehicle environment, a new concept from Johnson Controls (Milwaukee, WI) reportedly addresses global industry trends of urban mobility, comfort and autonomous driving.

"[The] SD15 [concept] is based on extensive proprietary research conducted by Johnson Controls that explored what consumers want in their vehicles in 2020 and beyond," said Beda Bolzenius, president of Johnson Controls Automotive Experience and vice chairman Johnson Controls Asia Pacific. "Based on our research, the driver side demonstrates superior comfort and the passenger side showcases features that maximize cargo capacity and interior flexibility."

Next-generation seating concept from Johnson Controls incorporates numerous design innovations.

The SD15's front row features a power driver seat mounted to a curved track, eliminating the need for separate and complex mechanisms found in conventional seat arrangements. The seat offers a console mounted directly to the seat structure that moves conveniently with the occupant, instead of being fixed between the seats.

In addition, the SD15 showcases the Johnson Controls' new slim tilting head restraint. This newest generation of slim head restraints can be combined with a tilting mechanism. The thin design is ideal for seat applications where space is limited.

The SD15's passenger seat is situated on the company's Gemini long tracks, which enable the seat to stow against the instrument panel or slide rearward to maximize curbside cargo capacity.

The second row utilizes the Gemini track system as well, allowing it to transition from a four-passenger to a five-passenger configuration in one smooth movement. The structure, developed in conjunction with the company's metals and mechanisms team, can expand to create a center seating position when moved forward and contracts when slid back to fit between the wheel wells. This unique function maximizes leg room and curbside storage capacity.

Both the front and rear seats showcase new ink jet printing fabric technology, which allows for a wide variety of customer customization of colors and patterns to help automakers distinguish their brands. In addition, Johnson Controls "SuperGroove" trim attachment technology is applied across both rows of seats. SuperGroove provides a slim appearance and improves craftsmanship.

The SD15 design allows for the packaging of a 48-volt battery under the seat, highlighting the latest battery technology from Johnson Controls' Power Solutions business.

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